Drone Services

MM&A’s remotely piloted (drone) aerial mapping services are provided by our pilots, licensed through the Federal Aviation Administration, using the company’s senseFly eBee Plus-brand high-precision, fixed-winged drone. This model can map more square miles per flight than any drone in its weight class and delivers survey-grade accuracy so there is less time in the field, minimizing cost to the client. Surveys are tailored to meet your needs and they are more accurate than conventional-style surveys. Our aerial mapping services include:

  • Aerial surveys and topographic mapping

  • Planimetrics (contours, wetland demarcation, feature-specific planimetrics, etc.)

  • Volumetric assessments (stock piles, etc.)

  • 3D modeling and visualization

  • Pit progress updates

  • High resolution ortho imagery

  • Geological investigations

  • Infrastructure/Terrain mapping and analysis