Geophysical Logging Services

MM&A maintains fully digital, state-of- the-art equipment for specialized environmental, geotechnical, hydrogeological and coalbed methane applications. Logs can be generated in specific suites to meet your specific needs. Our fleet of fully equipped geological logging units provide services including:

  • Acoustic televiewers

  • Optical televiewer

  • Gamma-gamma density (high resolution or compensated)

  • Borehole deviation (including gyroscopic)

  • Induction

  • Borehole video cameras (including slimline cameras)

  • Natural gamma ray

  • Calipers

  • Neutron Various

  • Electromagnetic (EM) flow meters

  • Full waveform sonic tools (rock strength and cement bond logs)

  • Fluid conductivity

  • Fluid sampler

  • Fluid temperature

  • Various resistivity logs

Our personnel help you determine the logging suites best suited to your specific application. We generate all suites in fully digital form, and send data to a central processing unit (CPU) located in a logging vehicle and to a disk for storage. This allows for re-plotting at a later date or transcribing to an ASCII, CSF, or AutoCAD ® drawing file (.DWG) format. Some of the specific applications our geophysical logging capabilities can be used for include stratigraphic investigations and fluid movement investigations. MM&A has assisted its international clients in acquiring the requisite equipment for remote site geophysical logging purposes including training the international staff in operating as well as maintaining the equipment.