Although the mining industry has an exceptional record of protecting the environment while extracting the resources necessary to sustain the economy of our country, changing regulations continue to challenge the industry.

Marshall Miller & Associates, Inc., (MM&A) offers complete surface and underground mine permitting services to the coal, aggregate, and mineral mining industries. Our qualified professionals have extensive experience in the permitting of surface mines, refuse disposal facilities, underground mines, and associated mining-related facilities, particularly in precious and industrial metal mines in California and Nevada; the coalfields in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia; and the aggregates industry in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

We maintain an exceptional working relationship with the regulatory agencies, and even assist the agencies when asked to contribute to specific components of mining-related environmental regulations. These relationships help us provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective permitting services in a timely manner.

For example, in West Virginia: MM&A provided assistance to the Department of Environmental Protection in the development of Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessments (CHIA); and staff assisted the state’s legislature in crafting rules for Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST). This specific involvement is invaluable in delivering exceptional permitting services to our clients.

Environmental Permitting
Coal Refuse, Ash Disposal & Dam Facility Engineering