Coal Preparation Plant Design and Optimization

MM&A provides coal preparation plant design and circuit optimization services and coal blending optimization studies to maximize financial return from your reserve base. MM&A has global experience in the application of the most cost- efficient circuit designs to match customer needs including circuit designs for plants in: Africa, Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Mozambique, South Africa, Turkey and U.S.A.

MM&A provides the following services:

New Plant Design

  • Raw coal feed characterization washability and size distributions

  • Yield/quality projections

  • Circuit design based on raw coal characteristics and anticipated sales markets

  • Flowsheet balancing

  • Alternate circuit simulations and review

  • Equipment selection

Existing Plant Modifications

  • Developing in-plant sampling

  • Identifying anticipated benefits

  • Identifying circuit inefficiencies/inadequacies

  • Develop new flowsheet and equipment list

  • Developing circuit alternatives

  • Debottlenecking studies

  • New equipment recommendation

Plant Circuit Monitoring

  • Develop plant sampling and analysis protocol

  • Quantify plant losses - volume and value

  • Interpret results

  • Provide protocol for client to use on an ongoing basis

Resource/Reserve Analysis

  • Develop plant models to process coals from resource and reserve studies

  • Generate yield/quality envelopes

  • Identify potential saleable products, including coals with coking potential

  • With client participation develop best practices for plants

Blend Optimization

  • Optimize plant circuits for given contracts

  • Predict the potential profitability or risk associated with new ventures and acquisitions

  • Optimize for direct ship/washing scenarios (which coals to wash and which to direct ship maximizing economic

  • Quickly obtain required permits to keep projects on schedule and within budget

  • Met coal blending

  • Restore mined land to a natural state or economically usable purpose.

  • Multisource/multi-plant blend optimization

  • Earn and maintain a social license to operate in harmony with communities around the world