Mine Ventilation Design

Effective mine ventilation begins with design of the system. MM&A applies an integrated approach, combining the characteristics of reserve geology with practical, experience-based solutions to mine ventilation problems. The result is an effective ventilation system design that cost-effectively supports the mining operation, meets safety and production goals, and complies with appropriate laws and regulations.

We apply the same integrated approach when evaluating existing ventilation systems. Through examinations of the mine airways and ventilation controls, in conjunction with pressure and quantity surveys, we determine system characteristics and identify future needs or potential improvements to the mine ventilation plan. Our documentation and reporting of the findings assist with system improvements or planning new or expanded operations.

MM&A engineers employ state-of- the-art computer software, such as VNet PC TM , to evaluate future ventilation system needs. We provided a clear picture of mine planning, capital expense, and operating provisions required, resulting in the most effective ventilation system for that mine. Our teams have provided mine ventilation system evaluation, planning, and computer simulation services for both domestic and foreign mining operations, and we can provide them independently or as part of an integrated overall mine plan or feasibility study.