Evaluation & Prediction of Underground Mining Hazards

MM&A geologists are industry leaders in evaluating mine operations impacted by unexpected geologic hazards. From the initial underground mapping of the impacted area by professional geologists, through development of a predictive geologic model, MM&A provides rapid response to overcome critical production interruptions.

Our team combines a wealth of experience with strong computer capabilities to evaluate complex geologic data, which allows our geologists to reliably predict the cause and occurrence of hazardous geologic anomalies that result in interruption of mineral deposits, unstable roof and floor strata, high stress areas, faulted or fractured areas, and excessive groundwater inflow. Graphics and 3-D computer simulation modeling are used as tools to define and present these complexities.

Geologic factors that could create hazardous conditions are incorporated in predictive maps to identify potential problems in your reserve area. These maps are an essential tool for optimizing mine plans and developing reliable mine cost forecasting.