Customized Solutions

Solutions Customized to Your Challenges

The challenges mining operations face become more complex year after year, with continually increasing public scrutiny and regulatory requirements. So, to seize the opportunity of rising global demand for coal, industrial minerals and metals, we must evaluate mine sites with social and community issues and with geological complexities, among other challenges. Ultimately, operating a profitable mining venture and obtaining return on investment is the goal we must meet.

To cost-effectively address or manage the challenges you face, your operations needs to be properly planned, effectively designed, and run with efficiency. MM&A can work with you to develop integrated, site- and project-specific solutions by applying leverage to our in-depth industry experience, seamlessly delivering multidisciplinary services, and providing advanced engineering technologies to:

  • Accurately estimate, manage, and maximize mineable resources and reserves

  • Predict the potential profitability or risk associated with new ventures and acquisitions

  • Efficient infrastructure including mine, water supply, water treatment, transportation, and power

  • Quickly obtain required permits to keep projects on schedule and within budget

  • Comply with regulations while minimizing operational costs

  • Restore mined land to a natural state or economically usable purpose.

  • Assess, mitigate and minimize environmental, health and safety risks and insurance loss

  • Earn and maintain a social license to operate in harmony with communities around the world

When you work with MM&A

You gain access to a network of professionals who listen to you and identify your needs.  Our staff analyses opportunities from multiple perspectives, prevents problems, and delivers sustainable, best-practice mining solutions to mining projects around the world.  MM&A has delivered tangible value to mining projects in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.