Selenium Treatment Services

Marshall Miller & Associates has researched, developed, and implemented an actively managed semi-passive biochemical reactor technology for remediating selenium-impacted waters associated with mining. This effort has resulted in the development of a reliable treatment technology with a significant reduction in cost over traditional systems.

160 Weeks of Demonstration Testing have resulted in 
establishing system design parameters for:
  • Optimum loading rates

  • Selenium removal rates

  • Systems construction

  • Operational costs and performance

And, completing:
  • Hydrologic and chemistry evaluations (to determine design flow rates and concentrations) on over 20 square miles of surface-mined areas

  • Designs on forty five (45) systems with flow rates of 50 to 1,500 gpm (hydraulic capacity of 3,000 gpm) and selenium concentrations of 10 to 50 μg/L

  • A system design for cold climates (British Colombia, Can.)

  • System designs for both underground and surface mines