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Glossary – Mining Defined

There are thousands of technical terms, tools, processes, products, services and job descriptions that mining companies use in the course of their work. MM&A created this brief glossary to define the most commonly used words, terms and job descriptions used in our business and in the mining industry. This affords readers a chance to understand better the science of mining, the types of professionals who work in this field and the range of services MM&A offers to firms, mine owners, government agencies, bankers, investors and other parties with interest in mining operations.


Operational Assessments – Optimizing Production Output from Your Mining Investments

MM&A offers a team of operational experts to assess mining operations and develop plans to increase production in safe and effective manner.  We bring more than 25 years of operations experience in the mining industry.  Our professionals have experience in surface mining, underground mining, coal mining, hard rock mining, metal mining and non-metal mining. We assess operations from the active face to the market.  Our team of experts collaborate with existing mine management to develop plans for improvement that are based upon achievable goals.  We identify areas for operational improvement, assess equipment, scheduling, staffing, mining practices, ventilation, safety, and infrastructure.  Our operational experts collaborate with our geological staff to ensure mine plans accurately honor geological conditions.