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Glossary – Mining Defined

There are thousands of technical terms, tools, processes, products, services and job descriptions that mining companies use in the course of their work. MM&A created this brief glossary to define the most commonly used words, terms and job descriptions used in our business and in the mining industry. This affords readers a chance to understand better the science of mining, the types of professionals who work in this field and the range of services MM&A offers to firms, mine owners, government agencies, bankers, investors and other parties with interest in mining operations.


Marshall Miller & Associates’ Mining Engineers and Geologists Team Capabilities

Mining Engineering

Marshall Miller & Associates is home to a team of mining engineers and consulting specialists in an industry where expertise not only saves money and time, but also does much more to meet or exceed a client’s expectations and needs. As part of our performance process, MM&A tasks our staff of mining engineers – with extensive industry experience and many with graduate degrees from major universities – to first define the challenges you pose and then evaluate the results you hope to achieve. Once the feasibility and potential of a project is established, we deliver buildable mine design plans within a budget that stress safety, environmental concerns, cost control and optimized mine plans and production schedules.