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Case Study - Daning Coal Project Engineering, Social and Environmental Impact, and Geological Studies

Shanxi Province is located in North Central China – an area rich in untapped natural resources including but not limited to coal and other fossil fuels. The Daning Coal Project sits at the center of Shanxi Province where mining development began in 1999. As the venture progressed, the Chinese government realized that the best course of action was to marry modern mining systems with local mine management methods in use throughout China. To achieve this end, the government created Asian American Coal Inc. (AACI).

Marshall Miller and Associates prepared and helped implement a mine plan that combined the best of western and Chinese expertise to deliver coal production with an annual capacity in excess of 4-million tons per year. AACI hired Marshall Miller and Associates due to our extensive experience in geological mapping, mine design capabilities, and experience and expertise with modern mining systems. We helped address a variety of mining issues that included: Read more...