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Why Successful Mine Planning is a Team Effort

Mining operations face unique and often uncertain variables.

These can include technical factors like ground conditions at the mining site. They might also encompass financial considerations such as exchange rates. Finally, mines have a built-in fixed end-date, which creates obvious long-term instability.

Unfortunately, changeable circumstances lead sometimes to decreased profit.

Yet, according to the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM), the biggest single factor in performance--and thus profit--is effective mine planning. A good mine plan will predict potential problems beforehand. It will also have figured out how to handle them along the way.

This all-important planning results from teamwork. Individuals across disciplines communicate, collaborate, and most importantly, innovate. Conceived in a more thoughtful manner, the resulting mine plan can be executed more thoroughly.

The highly-qualified employees at Marshall Miller & Associates are ready to do just this. To see how teamwork will benefit your mining operations, read on!

Marshall Miller & Associates Can Help Your Operations at Any Stage

The goal of Marshall Miller & Associates is to be exceptional.

Our talented employees are ready to promote your enterprise. What's more, they are available during every phase of mine planning and operation, including:

  • - conducting feasibility studies
  • - resource evaluation
  • - developing schedules
  • - forecasting costs
  • - obtaining permits
  • - complying with regulatory agencies
  • - operational assessments
To see how MM&A will be on your team throughout the entire process, let's look at what features go into a mine plan.

Mine Planning: The Big Picture

Your optimal mine plan is the end-result of a highly functioning partnership. Our experienced mining engineers and our geological staff will work together to make sure it is efficient. At the same time, they will take into account all the necessary geological information.

Some Specifics on MM&A's Role

Self-directed teamwork is instrumental to success in general and to the success of mine planning in particular.

Here at MM&A, we take teamwork seriously.

MM&A employees from engineering, geology, and hydrogeology will act jointly to improve your mining operation. To this end, they are also ready to work with diverse team players from your mining operation to achieve this goal.

It should be noted that quality mine planning can take place at any point in the mine's operation. You might be in the initial stages of your mining venture. Or you could be looking for an operational assessment to increase production safely. In either case, MM&A's experts can help you with these processes.

Financing and Capital Acquisition

Mining companies have had a difficult five years or so. Revenues have been held back while expenses have stayed high, and the future might seem a little bit unsure.

This financial environment makes fiscal planning and accountability key. Done properly, this planning can drive home profits. Done poorly, the success of your mining operation could be in jeopardy.

Many of our mining experts have over 25 years of operational experience. They are prepared to work with your team to keep costs down and to maximize your profits.

MM&A experts will scrutinize the reasonableness of existing cost models. If necessary, they will complete detailed and independent financial models. These can include build-ups for CAPEX schedules and OPEX.

MM&A can also work in concert on everything from high-level P&L-based proforma models to fully functional discount cash flow models to determine the value of a project.

Finally, MM&A performs valuations for:

  • - banks
  • - financial groups
  • - mining companies, and
  • - insurance companies

Permitting and Compliance

Marshall Miller & Associates will make sure all permits for surface and underground mines are in compliance. MM&A offers permitting services to the following industries:

  • - coal
  • - aggregate
  • - mineral development industries
Because this process can be complex, it is spearheaded by highly-qualified MM&A professionals. They are experts in the permitting of:

  • - surface mines
  • - underground mines
  • - refuse disposal facilities
  • - processing facilities

Engineering and Design

Our mining engineers are registered professionals in major mining states. They are adept at delivering superior technical plans and designs that:

  • - improve safety
  • - reduce costs
  • - increase efficiencies
These skills apply to mines in the United States as well as major mining industries worldwide.

You will also see they are adept at sharing ideas and responding to feedback. These abilities enable them to work effectively with your team on every aspect of your mining operation, including:

  • - mine designing and planning
  • - analyses of rock mechanics
  • - mine ventilation design
  • - mine seal inspections
  • - economic assessments
  • - plant optimization
All of the above processes will, of course, be based on the newest scientific advances, cutting-edge technologies, and best industry practices.

Geology and Hydrogeology

Successful planning and mine design must factor in geological-based water impacts. These can affect the water supply around the operation as well as the safety of the mine itself.

MM&A works hard to address and control for these concerns using both a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach. Our hydrogeologists and geologists communicate and cooperate with your team of experts to streamline this process.

Hydrogeologists are responsible for water management issues. They will examine all possible interactions between proposed mining operations and aquifers, surface lakes, rivers, and streams.

Our geologists will then help you predict geologic hazards that could influence the mining process. Collaborating with engineers, they will also contain inherent risks associated with mining hazards.

Operational Assessments

An operational assessment helps mining operations work in a more productive and effective manner. They also ensure these changes occur safely.

MM&A's long years of experience in the mining industry gives our experts the background and experience needed to make these judgments. They will work with your team of experts developing plans for mine improvement based on achievable goals.

These kinds of recommendations can only come from a qualified and highly diverse group of experts. Mine engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, and other industry experts will contribute collectively to your goals by:

  • - evaluating the site
  • - making recommendations for improvement

In Conclusion: MM&A and Mine Planning for You

Mine planning is an essential aspect of a productive, safe, and profitable mining operation. It requires a collaborative effort from across a range of disciplines.

MM&A mining experts exemplify the best aspects of teamwork in their everyday interactions with each other and the client. They cooperate and communicate effectively. They also feel a sense of personal responsibility towards the success of your mining operation.

MM&A's industry executives, engineers, geologists, and hydrogeologists can put together and implement your best mine plan.

Why not give us a try today?

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