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Guesswork vs. Science and Technology

Years ago, coal exploration wasn’t a scientific process.  Many times, soft coal seams would be washed away and lost during the core drilling process.  Marshall Miller, the founder of Marshall Miller and Associates, believed that practices being utilized in exploration to identify oil and gas reservoirs would also benefit coal exploration.  Subsequently, he invested in geophysical logging equipment to accurately measure the thickness of coal seams present in boreholes.  He also offered his services to companies pursuing unconventional sources of gas, including coalbed methane.  MM&A adapted computer technology to enhance methods of mapping and modeling coal seams and other mineral deposits.  As MM&A was quickly becoming one of the best known firms of its kind, it branched out to offer other services such as mining engineering and environmental services.  The days of hand drafting maps and analog technology are long gone.  MM&A staff takes a tremendous amount of pride in operating the latest computer programs, including Carlson based platforms, Vulcan, RockPlane, LaModel, SDPS, among others.  MM&A provides products to work clients in digital form, and offers cutting-edge technology such as its new drone services division.

Why Every Mining Project Requires a Custom Solution

Marshall Miller and Associates is ready to assist your company with its array of services.  We understand that no two operations are alike and are willing to customize our services to meet your needs.   

Cost Effective Solutions

Our experienced professionals stand ready to assist you.  Our services include wireline geophysical logging, mining based geological services, petroleum engineering, mining engineering, geotechnical evaluations and mine permitting.  

These services may involve predictions on potential profitability, studies on risks associated with new ventures and acquisitions, assessment of timing of events in the mine’s life cycle, plans for handling refuse and waste water associated with various mining operations, and also employing the expertise of our mineral processing professionals.

MM&A has the reputation of being an industry leader in the coal mining, coalbed methane, and industrial mineral sectors.  

Compliant Solutions

To run a lawful, safe, environmentally sound, ethical and efficient mining operation, mining companies must comply with the laws and government regulations that apply to their respective industry.  Marshall Miller & Associates takes pride in its record of legal and regulatory compliance regardless of jurisdiction and its ability to assess, mitigate and minimize environmental, health and safety risks.  As a practical matter, MM&A takes its responsibility to comply with ever changing laws and regulations and to secure new or updated permits promptly that reflects current law to keep projects on schedule and within budget.
About the Author

Marshall Miller & Associates performs a wide range of geological, environmental, hydrogeological and mining engineering services. MM&A’s seasoned staff of engineering personnel delivers design solutions for a variety of projects and industry-specific applications.