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MM&A’s Unmanned Drone Services Benefits

Marshall Miller & Associates' drone services are unique in the sense that surveys are tailored to each client's specific requirements…….. from topographic mapping, aerial surveys to pit progress updates, drone mapping can create a more accurate illustration than conventional style surveys. Using senseFly eBee fixed-winged drones, Marshall Miller & Associates can capture high-resolution aerial photos that can be orthorectified and stitched together to form a high-resolution orthomosaic image of an area of interest.

3D modeling and visualization

The orthomosaic is geo-referenced by usage of known reference points and/or optional positioning provided by Real Time Kinematics (RTK).   Post-processing of the raster images allows the construction of a highly accurate elevation model. The product can easily be converted to any CAD platform for planning and volume computations. 

Accuracy, Efficiency and cost effectiveness

Our drone has an accuracy of 1.2 inches horizontally and 2 inches vertically. The quantity of measured (x,y,z ) data collected by the aerial drone imagery is significantly more than what can be achieved by traditional surveying and approaches that of Lidar mapping.  

Our pilots launch and retrieve the drone at safe distances from the area of interest minimizing their presence at the client’s property and exposure to high traffic areas.   Battery life is sufficiently long that most data is collected during one or two flights.  Our pilots carry sufficient number of charged batteries to complete a project.

Due to its relatively low flight path (less than 400 feet above ground elevation) the drone is not impacted by cloud cover that frequently hampers aerial mapping from airplanes.

Typical turn-around time from initial flight time to completion of post processing is about two to three days.   

Geological investigations

Marshall Miller & Associates' drone services can be used for regularly scheduled updates of active operations and/or included with site investigative work for new areas of exploration and development.  Drone surveys provide the cheapest means for collecting georeferenced imagery and highly accurate survey mapping in the shortest amount of time.

Marshall Miller & Associates Drone Pilots

Marshall Miller & Associates' drone pilots are FAA licensed and all aircraft are FAA registered. For the benefit of our clients, our pilots have passed the part 107 Exam, Airman Knowledge Exam, Remote Pilot Knowledge Exam and obtained an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate with a UAS rating which does not expire.

Benefits of MMA's drones services:

  • - Aerial surveys and topographic mapping
  • - Pit progress updates
  • - High-resolution ortho imagery
  • - Planimetrics (contours, wetland demarcation, feature-specific planimetrics, etc.)
  • - Infrastructure/Terrain mapping and analysis

For more detailed information regarding our UAV / remotely piloted (drone) services, please contact Steve Keim at +276-322-5467.



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