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Operational Assessments – Optimizing Production Output from Your Mining Investments

MM&A offers a team of operational experts to assess mining operations and develop plans to increase production in safe and effective manner. We bring more than 25 years of operations experience in the mining industry. Our professionals have experience in surface mining, underground mining, coal mining, hard rock mining, metal mining and non-metal mining. We assess operations from the active face to the market. Our team of experts collaborate with existing mine management to develop plans for improvement that are based upon achievable goals. We identify areas for operational improvement, assess equipment, scheduling, staffing, mining practices, ventilation, safety, and infrastructure. Our operational experts collaborate with our geological staff to ensure mine plans accurately honor geological condition

A Second Opinion

In addition to offering our standard engineering and geological services, mine owners and operators know they can call on Marshall Miller & Associates for the oversight and assessment services we offer.  When retained in this capacity, MM&A brings together an integrated team of mine engineers, geologists, hydrologists and related industry experts to understand your goals.  Once we know what you hope to achieve and the associated target schedule, we review all aspects of your current operations and the project’s ability to meet benchmark objectives.  We also conduct a top to bottom review operation to see if you are reaching outcomes within the parameters you assigned at the beginning of your project.


Site Evaluation, Improvement Recommendations and Implementation

After we evaluate your mining operation from multiple viewpoints and use what we learn to arrive at an informed opinion, MM&A will report on the strengths and weaknesses we believe are present in your mining process.  This evaluation will allow us to make recommendations on the improvements we think are needed to fine tune reserve estimates, optimize resource recovery, manage time, improve and maintain mine safety, monitor environmental impacts and work with you to implement the upgrades and options you select. Once this service step is complete, MM&A will remain involved with your operations on an as needed basis.


Mine Operation Recommendations

Our recommendations are not designed to be “point and shoot” type approaches that only target low hanging fruit for improvement.  The MM&A team of mining engineers, geologists and hydrologists understand your objectives, gather detailed information outlining the goals of your mining venture, evaluate your operation’s ability to achieve the outcomes you expect and make recommendations to address any issues that we find.  We work strategically with your team to develop plans for implementing recommendations to achieve your goals.  Our goal is to see our clients succeed.


Persistent Oversight Inventory Services

As a service to MM&A clients who hire us for our oversight expertise of their mining operations, we have developed an specific services areas we can offer individually, in combination or as a complete package, to conduct persistent oversight of your mining operation.  These specific services areas include:


  • Reserves:  Audit existing reports and documentation or complete detailed evaluations to accurately determine reserve quantities and qualities.
  • Quality Parameters:  Assess and categorize mineral or coal quality to determine the markets in which your coal or mineral product can be sold.
  • Mining Methods:  Select the most technologically advanced methods and equipment based on site-specific attributes to cost-effectively extract reserves.
  • Management and Manpower:  Analyze reporting systems, management structure, and personnel to determine production bottlenecks or cost inefficiencies.
  • Processing Plant Design and Optimization:  Maximize financial return from the reserve base through efficient processing.
  • Mine Plan Assessment:  Account for mining hazards, such as identifiable poor roof conditions or severe geologic conditions, to succeed in today's competitive environment.
  • Operating Costs:  Analyze costs to determine the impact of productivity improvement or And;
  • Supply Contracts:  Evaluate supply contracts to match available quality, achieving a balanced plan of contract compliance.
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Marshall Miller & Associates performs a wide range of geological, environmental, hydrogeological and mining engineering services. MM&A’s seasoned staff of engineering personnel delivers design solutions for a variety of projects and industry-specific applications.