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Marshall Miller & Associates’ Mining Engineers and Geologists Team Capabilities

Mining Engineering

Marshall Miller & Associates is home to a team of mining engineers and consulting specialists in an industry where expertise not only saves money and time, but also does much more to meet or exceed a client’s expectations and needs. As part of our performance process, MM&A tasks our staff of mining engineers – with extensive industry experience and many with graduate degrees from major universities – to first define the challenges you pose and then evaluate the results you hope to achieve. Once the feasibility and potential of a project is established, we deliver buildable mine design plans within a budget that stress safety, environmental concerns, cost control and optimized mine plans and production schedule.

Mining Consulting

Marshall Miller & Associates recognizes, understands and embraces the fact that mine owners, operators and planners are experts in the field. However, it is sometimes necessary to get a third party opinion, receive ongoing guidance and create custom solutions to reach the full potential of a resource, improve mine safety, optimize and streamline profit centers, achieve environmental goals and other mine operation tasks. If any of these and other mining engineering issues require expert attention, Marshall Miller & Associates teams stand at the ready to deliver mine design, rock mechanics analyses, mine ventilation design, mineral economics analyses, plant optimization studies and environmental reclamation analyses to a wide variety of clients.

Mine Planning and Design

While Marshall Miller & Associates has the management expertise and experience to build mines across all mining sectors, our mining engineers and consultants can bring their mine planning and design experience to bear on any metal or mineral enterprise you choose to pursue. Our mining engineers work with our geologists to develop mine plans that optimize resource extraction within geological reserves. Mine planning projects can range from basic concept and potential mine layouts to detailed projections that incorporate scheduling anticipated delays, tonnage forecasts, operational bottlenecks and resource quality estimates.

Mineral Surveys and Extraction

Before breaking ground to exploit metal, mineral or energy deposits, Marshall Miller & Associates mining engineers work with clients on the predicate steps to safe, sustainable and profitable mining. These steps include comprehensive mineral surveys, the determination of extraction methods and the completion of reserve estimates to measure the value of a mining venture prior to start. The client can then rely on the resulting cost/benefit analysis to estimate mineable resources, cost out infrastructure needs, conduct water supply and treatment tasks, quantify transportation and power needs, comply with regulatory and permit requirements, perform risk vs, profitability assessments and eventually implement land restoration and other environment related duties.

Mine Ventilation Layout and Installation

For Marshall Miller & Associates, the safety and health of miners is the first priority. Whether extracting precious metals, strategic minerals or coal our mining engineers and consultants agree – a good mine is a safe mine – a mine outfitted with state-of-the-art safety features and ventilation systems is second to none. Marshall Miller & Associates endorses our “beyond industry standards” engineering air quality criteria. These criteria include the flow of air to underground mining operations sufficient to dilute and remove dust and gases and particulate matter.

About the Author

Marshall Miller & Associates performs a wide range of geological, environmental, hydrogeological and mining engineering services. MM&A’s seasoned staff of engineering personnel delivers design solutions for a variety of projects and industry-specific applications.