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Case Study - Daning Coal Project Engineering, Social and Environmental Impact, and Geological Studies

Shanxi Province is located in North Central China – an area rich in untapped natural resources including but not limited to coal and other fossil fuels. The Daning Coal Project sits at the center of Shanxi Province where mining development began in 1999. As the venture progressed, the Chinese government realized that the best course of action was to marry modern mining systems with local mine management methods in use throughout China. To achieve this end, the government created Asian American Coal Inc. (AACI).

Marshall Miller and Associates prepared and helped implement a mine plan that combined the best of western and Chinese expertise to deliver coal production with an annual capacity in excess of 4-million tons per year. AACI hired Marshall Miller and Associates due to our extensive experience in geological mapping, mine design capabilities, and experience and expertise with modern mining systems. We helped address a variety of mining issues that included: Read more...

Marshall Miller & Associates: Geotechnical Services for the Mining Industry

Geotechnical Characterization of Rock

Marshall Miller & Associates conducts geotechnical assessments in all types of rock and soil environments utilizing proven data collection and rock material characterization techniques.  MM&A’s geotechnical team completes projects for the aggregate, coal, and hardrock mining industries, for both surface and underground mining applications, in locations throughout the United States and around the World.  All geotechnical projects begin with characterization of the geologic, geotechnical, and geohydrological setting of the subject area.  MM&A’s geotechnical project team completes all aspects of geotechnical projects, from planning and implementation of the data collection activities, to completion and presentation of the results. Read more...

Guesswork vs. Science and Technology

Years ago, coal exploration wasn’t a scientific process.  Many times, soft coal seams would be washed away and lost during the core drilling process.  Marshall Miller, the founder of Marshall Miller and Associates, believed that practices being utilized in exploration to identify oil and gas reservoirs would also benefit coal exploration.  Subsequently, he invested in geophysical logging equipment to accurately measure the thickness of coal seams present in boreholes.  He also offered his services to companies pursuing unconventional sources of gas, including coalbed methane.  MM&A adapted computer technology to enhance methods of mapping and modeling coal seams and other mineral deposits.  As MM&A was quickly becoming one of the best known firms of its kind, it branched out to offer other services such as mining engineering and environmental services.  The days of hand drafting maps and analog technology are long gone.  MM&A staff takes a tremendous amount of pride in operating the latest computer programs, including Carlson based platforms, Vulcan, RockPlane, LaModel, SDPS, among others.  MM&A provides products to work clients in digital form, and offers cutting-edge technology such as its new drone services division. Read more...

Why Teamwork is Key to Successful Mine Planning and Design

Our Role in Successful Mine Planning and Design

Our mission at Marshall Miller & Associates is to provide a valuable, quality service to our clients – something that begins the moment we are hired.  We have the expertise necessary to participate in every aspect of a mining enterprise – from conducting feasibility studies, resource evaluation, developing schedules, forecasting costs, obtaining permits and complying with regulatory agencies.  MM&A is on your team every step of the way.